A chic shade of green

St Lucia's hotels are coming up in the world, and blossoming, says Maggie O'Sullivan.

The cricket World Cup earlier this year wasn't quite the money-spinner St Lucia had hoped for. But the prospect of hosting the world did at least kick-start a programm of much-needed infrastructural development: the roads may be awful, but they're a lot less awful than they used to be.

Something else has changed, too. Visitor accommodation used to be mainly all-inclusive beach resorts and three-star hotels. Nothing wrong with that, except they don't bring in the big spenders. So over the past few years, St Lucia has been building or renovating hotels likely to appeal to those looking for something a little more luxurious; both Raffles and Ritz-Carlton plan to open resorts here within the next couple of years.

So, is St Lucia destined to be the next Barbados? I hope not. Who wants to see another beautiful coastline blocked by development? Passionate environmentalist Judith Verity, who with her husband recently opened Discovery at Marigot Bay (see opposite page), believes that St Lucians are beginning to appreciate the natural beauty of their island and are making efforts to preserve it. Below is my guide to the best of St Lucia; hotels are arranged in geographical order, from the south and nearest to the international airport.


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