Big hotels going green, reign in on consumption and waste

The hospitality industry is a big contributor of green house emissions. Now, a few hotels are going green

It’s boom-time for the hospitality industry. But with their massive resource consumption and waste generation, big hotels quite literally function and pollute like a mini city. But how many travelers really think about the planet and not just their purse strings when they check in?

Guests don't seem to care, so is environment consciousness really important for the hospitality industry? For most big hotels today, it’s more a matter of policy compliance. But amid all this, a small handful are actually working to help the planet breathe easy.

Dipak Haksar, VP, ITC Hotels said, “For sustainable development, you need to really look beyond the market.”

The lobby at Uppal's Orchid Hotel in Delhi is fiitted large triple glazed windows to cut the need of lighting during the day, while still keeping the area cool. All organic matter here is dumped into vermin-composting pits to be re-used as soil manure.

But at the ITC Maurya, people have found another way to save of AC and steam consumption.


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