Doubletree Boston

July 23, 2007 (FinancialWire) The Doubletree Guest Suites Boston has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star, a symbol for protecting the environment through energy performance. By earning the Energy Star, the Doubletree is using at least 35% less energy than average buildings. The hotel joins approximately 930 buildings nationwide that earned the Energy Star in 2006. The hotel is managed by Hilton Hotels Corp. (NYSE: HLT).

The Doubletree Guest Suites Boston celebrates its Energy Star achievement as part of a multi-phase, hotelwide renovation project at the hotel. The hotel team has worked with the owner of the facility to provide financial and administrative support by making cost-effective improvements to the building through this energy conservation effort.

In-room coffee service with energy saving refrigerators in upgraded guestrooms; 26" LCD flat-panel televisions in living rooms and new lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs are just some of the upgrades recently installed.

In the U.S., energy loss from commercial buildings represents almost 18% of our greenhouse gas emissions. According to the EPA, Americans, with the help of Energy Star, saved $12 billion and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to those from 23 million vehicles in 2005 alone. The EPA reports that more than 3,200 buildings have earned the Energy Star since 1999.

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