Eco-Luxury Paradise

Today we are traveling to a luxurious location in the Caribbean, Antigua. If you need a vacation and are frazzled and stressed, what could be better than relaxing on the beach, drinking organic cocktails, and lessening your environmental footprint?

Today's Featured Radio Guests:

Rob Sherman and Peter Antifave - Managers at Curtain Bluff, located on the southern tip of Antigua encompassing 20 acres of lush tropical gardens on the Curtain Bluff peninsula, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. For over 40 years, Curtain Bluff's extraordinary service and amenities have set the standard for excellence throughout the Caribbean. They are Green Globe members meaning they have been certified as a sustainable resort and vacation destination.

Topics Discussed Today:

Eco-Handbags - Specializing in chic, unique and fashionable handbags created from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Responsible Travel - "Holidays that give the world a break" (enough said)

Environmentally Friendly Hotels - Go beyond ecotourism and sustainable tourism: find hotels - bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, lodges, and inns - worldwide that are committed to the environment and greening of the hospitality industry.


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