Element Hotels Green Approach

Element Hotels has a new approach for minimizing the environmental impact of hotel stays. They have some GREAT ideas and I would be a happy guest with the initiatives provided.

* Shampoo and conditioner dispensers will eliminate multiple mini-bottles. I’ve always been bothered by the overuse of supplies when in hotels. I don’t need a new bar of soap every day.
* Low-flow sink faucets and dual flush toilets and/or low gallonage toilets will allow guests to optimize water use during their time away from home. This small change conserves an estimated 4,358.6 gallons of water per room each year.
* The ELEMENT design incorporates eco-friendly materials wherever possible, from the floor, which will feature carpets with up to 100% recycled content and recycled carpet cushions, to the walls, where art will be mounted on a base made from recycled tires and where low VOC paints will improve indoor air quality for guests and staff.
* About 50% of the waste generated in hotels is recyclable, but most hotel rooms don’t have recycling bins. ELEMENT guest rooms will include bins to help guests maintain their home recycling ritual. Wow.
* CFLs (compact florescent lamps) light bulbs will be used throughout the hotel instead of incandescent light bulbs. This small change will result in up to 75% less energy used.


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