Hotel Triton San Francisco

I remember the days when I traveled to Toronto (late 1990s) and the hotel had message cards in the bathroom telling you to put your towel in the shower if you wanted a new one ... to help save water and energy from washing a towel that might have only been used once ...

Things have changed ... The Hotel Triton's 7th Floor is ECO friendly. Read on for more

"The days of sacrificing style and comfort to be environmentally conscious are long gone. Hotel Triton is a pioneer ... started with Hotel Triton's one of a kind Eco-Floorâ„¢ launched in conjunction with Earth Day in the 1990s. In 2003, the hotel spread its eco-practices to all floors and fostered alliances with organizations such as Trust for Public Land, Green Fusion, Collage Foundation and Happy Planet. ... integrated practices such as a sophisticated waste recycling program, biodegradable cleaning products, recycled paper, and organic coffee. Hotel Triton's environmental efforts became the inspiration and blueprint for Kimpton Hotel's eco-program in 2005, which is now being implemented at all Kimpton Hotels nationwide."


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