traveling green

When you reach your destination, walk or bike when you can, and be sure to use local bus services and cab companies when you can’t. The same goes for local restaurants and hotels; supporting local businesses enriches your travel experience and puts your tourism dollars to good work by helping to cultivate and maintain the community.

A more ambitious option for the environmentally and culturally savvy traveler is to book your holiday through an agency that specializes in sustainable tourism. Companies like Whole Travel and Ethos Travel are dedicated to planning vacations that minimize the negative impact of tourism on local communities while focusing on properties and activities that benefit the economy of your chosen destination.

If surrendering the details of your trip to a third party doesn’t appeal, you may want to research resort management and development companies like Six Senses. These businesses operate hotels and resorts in locations all over the world, and are committed to maintaining the ethos of responsible travel in their establishments.


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