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The ultimate game of environmental tag is spreading from state to state today as students kick-off a game of "Tree Tag" to celebrate the world's
oldest environmental holiday. Equipped with forest-green ribbons and eco-friendly tree tags in hand, 10,000 students in more than 150 communities will take part in a month-long initiative to raise awareness about the importance of trees through Doubletree Hotels' Teaching Kids to CARE(R) environmental education program. This spring initiative, created in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation(R), is appropriately themed Get to Know the Tree Next Door.

The tree-focused movement is taking root in the home state where Arbor Day began. Students from Grace Abbott Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska - the state where Arbor Day began - will participate in the first of many Great Community Tree Tag events. Students and teachers will work with team members from the Doubletree Hotel Omaha Downtown and Doubletree Guest Suites Omaha to "tag" the prominent trees on their school grounds and nearby neighborhood - tying on an eco-friendly tree tag that outlines unique facts behind each particular tree. This celebration is just a sample of the many community events that will take place as part of this nationwide environmental education campaign.

Now in its sixth year, the Teaching Kids to CARE spring initiative will help educate 10,000 elementary school students across the U.S. and Canada during the months of April and May about the important role trees play in our everyday lives and the many benefits they provide.

"There are so many children and adults today who simply pass by the natural beauty of trees that populate their communities every day, without understanding how important trees are to our everyday survival. Our Teaching Kids to CARE spring initiative not only immerses kids in nature, it teaches them how to creatively express their appreciation for trees and their role in the environment every day," said Dave Horton, senior vice president, brand management for Doubletree Hotels. "Everyone can identify with a game of tag... Doubletree just decided to have a little fun with it. By educating and instilling a caring attitude about the environment in children at a young age, we hope to make a positive impact for years to come."

Doubletree Hotels and the Arbor Day Foundation have worked together to develop lesson plans and education resources for participating schools and youth organizations to teach children about the various types of trees that live in their very own backyards and neighborhood parks. Using an official Tree Identification Guide from the Arbor Day Foundation, students will learn about a variety of local tree species and the methods and techniques that arborists use to identify trees across North America. In addition, they'll explore the importance of trees in the environment, functions of each part of a tree and fun facts surrounding some of the most unique trees in the world.

With tree lessons learned, creative imaginations and Tree Identification Guides in hand, kids will be appointed as "Official Arbor Ambassadors" to write their own "My Tree and Me" story to express why they care about trees and share their stories and learnings with their fellow students.

"The Doubletree Teaching Kids to CARE program will help thousands of kids learn about the value of trees - by actually identifying the ones that are important to them," said Kevin Sander, corporate marketing director for the Arbor Day Foundation. "As a result of this initiative, a whole new generation of children will truly understand their important role in enhancing and improving the sustainability of our earth's resources for years to come."

For more information about the unique commitment Doubletree is making towards environmental education and awareness programs, including the Doubletree Teaching Kids to CARE spring initiative

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