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In Hawaii, tourists can enjoy hiking, boating, snorkeling and whale watching in an unaffected, natural habitat. As the beautiful flora and fauna of Hawaii have attracted many vacationers, it is important to preserve and protect the environment. Hence, the birth of environmentally responsible hotels known as “green hotels” which use energy and natural resources in environmentally-friendly ways.

For those interested, Hawaiian vacation info offers additional details about ecotourism-based excursions to Maui and Kauai to savvy traveler. As for Hawaii Beach accommodations, Hawaiian Beach Rentals provides vacation homes, condos and hotels, as well as airfare and car rentals to customers wanting to travel to Hawaii. Why not experience what Aloha is all about through that unique, socially-conscious trip of a lifetime in Hawaii!


Steve Case's Eco-Getaway

Growing up in Hawaii, AOL co-founder Steve Case cringed as manicured cookie-cutter hotels took over the islands, wiping out precious natural spaces and crowding out local culture.

Now Case is proposing his own development in paradise: an $800 million, 650-acre luxury resort in Costa Rica. But he says he is aiming to avoid what developers have done to Waikiki, pledging to make the new resort -- which will be called Cacique -- an environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive destination.

Now the former AOL entrepreneur and Time Warner chairman is targeting the high-end ecotourism crowd.

"This is like being able to press rewind and start fresh," said Case, who is scheduled to announce the venture today at a news conference with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias.

The announcement also marks the launch of Revolution Places, the new destination resort unit of Revolution, a District holding-and-operating company founded by Case in 2005 with $500 million of his own money after leaving AOL. Other Revolution subsidiaries include Revolution Health, a consumer-oriented health-care company, and Revolution Living, a lifestyle business whose holdings include the Flexcar car-sharing service.

Case says Revolution Places will seek to redefine the luxury resort category by making environmental preservation and cultural authenticity priorities at every property it develops. Cacique, scheduled to open in 2010, is the firm's first resort under that model.


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